“Your spirit and personality lifted me and made me feel comfortable, especially being part of an acquisition site. You did an outstanding job of providing leadership in establishing the resources into a solid team.  I am grateful that I had an opportunity to work with you.”

Acquired Site Resource about Operations Management

“I am totally psyched and I want to thank you guys for helping me think about possibilities.  I’ve always been fascinated by the issues in healthcare, but I was discouraged when so many healthcare recruiters and HR folks told me that I “…just don’t have the clinical experience…”  I basically threw up my hands to considering any other jobs in healthcare because of this.  But after our class, I kept answering those type of healthcare ads and the one at MTN was one of them! Now I do have my dream job!”

Mike about Managing Corporate Change©

“I can safely say that if Lorrie had not been present, the course would not have been a success.  Her sheer enthusiasm and professionalism shone through from the outset.  she ensured everyone in the team were extremely well engaged and levels of attention remained high – in spite of some unplanned IT outages.  The manner in which she dealt with the complex mix of ages, nationalities, and competence in my team was great to see and we learned a lot from her.”

Oil & Gas Resource about Project Analytics/Project Controls Training

“The content and method by which the Managing Corporate Change© class is given is a refreshing alternative to the career planning and job placement organizations I’ve used in the past (local recruiters, Right Management, and Work Force Development Center).  While other processes seem to focus more in the past and how to merely survive a change, “Managing Corporate Change©” focuses on the future and how to leverage a change according to comprehensive success criteria that you define.”

Manufacturing Manager about Managing Corporate Change©