“I wanted to take a moment to express my admiration of you and your group.  It is not often that one finds a consultant that strives to determine the core issues and their cause.  Coupled with this quest are your people who take the time, and have the skillfulness, to work with multiple people and their specific situations.  I have seen great improvement due to your assistance with others and me in my firm.”

Professional Services Firm about Organizational Development Consulting

“First I wanted to thank you again for all your time at the Productive Relationships© course last summer.  The class has really brought a lot of my leadership and personal development plans in perspective.”

Manufacturing Manager about Productive Relationships©

“I want to express my appreciation for what the course (Women Moving Forward®) has provided me by way of support, counsel, and a solid framework for creating goals and actions plans in my work and personal life.”

Manufacturing Manager about Women Moving Forward®