Enabling Sustainable Change with Projects

Many times a project is marketed, planned, and rolled out as simply an equipment or software implementation. Consequently, project management is frequently baffled when the end worker or end user has a negative reaction to the project. The project team believes that they have done their absolute best work — yet, the customer rejects it. The users are frustrated and angry, the project team members are frustrated and angry, and the business management is frustrated and angry.

In reality, most changes today are both technology changes and work process changes. While many project managers do a good job working on delivering the technology cost and schedule, the human side is frequently forgotten or ignored. The best project, implemented without human integration, will never achieve the desired results. The technical side of a project implementation must be solid and complete. However, the key to sustainable implementation is people—the human side of project management. For specific people solutions, please see the People section of our services.

We can evaluate your project implementation processes, tools, and skills to ensure you have everything needed to ensure your projects are delivered on time, at cost, and deliver the desired results. Take control of your projects so they don’t control you.

Our Specialty Areas Include:

  • Project Management Process Evaluation and Improvement
  • Technical Project and Human Project Integration
  • Project Implementation Communication Strategy and Messaging
  • Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis – Certified trainer for Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis and Deltek Acumen Risk
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Project Controls and Project Analytics – Certified trainer for Deltek Acumen Fuse/360 Analytics
  • MS Project, Primavera training and consulting
  • Integrated Schedule Development

Key Benefits for you:

  • Our evaluation provides you a template and roadmap for improvement that builds on your strengths and addresses your opportunities.
  • You will gain hands-on, practical skills about project implementation – including making your project management processes, tools, and skills more effective.
  • You will learn project analysis techniques including schedule risk analysis to make better, more impactful decisions to dramatically improve your project’s success.
  • Our solution will provide you the immediate ability to ‘hear’ the human side and solve the problems associated with your project implementation—including how people react to a change, how to truly resolve conflicts, and how to implement and manage a change in concert with delivering cost and schedule.  You can then help others ‘get their heads in the game’ and maximize the advantages the project brings to them and to the business.

Call us to discuss how we can assist you in gaining these benefits!