Scott is an Associate with Interface Consulting.  He is a results-driven executive with a proven track record of engineering and IT team leadership and staff development.  Scott has a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, implement, and support cutting-edge, mission-critical enterprise applications for the health care industry using Microsoft languages, applications, and servers.  He is a critical thinker drawing from an extensive knowledge of development best practices, industry requirements, and federal regulations.  Scott has 15 years of in-depth management, technical design and development experience with Microsoft operating systems, Visual Studio and .NET languages, Office and Visio applications, and Exchange, SharePoint, Project, SQL, and BizTalk servers.

Scott was a Featured Speaker for the Drug Industry Association (DIA) and Clinical Data Interchange Standards Committee (CDISC).  He has also been highlighted in multiple Microsoft case studies for the innovative use of Commerce Server, Site Server edition, BizTalk server, .NET languages, and Office/Visio product integration.  He has co-authored presentations for Microsoft, Deloitte, and Accenture supporting the use of development best-practices.